Potenza Ristorante dal 1985
Tuesday - Saturday 4-10 pm • 401.273.2652

20% discount on all take-out orders / 401.273.2652

• Potenza Ristorante specializes in Regional Italian Cooking, Sephardic Jewish-Italian Cooking, Celiac, Diabetes and Terracotta Cookery!
We feature seasonal menu in accordance with season's availability of quality and freshness.

Chef Walter Potenza and Chef Walters Cooking School of Providence Rhode Island wins the “GRANA PADANO AWARD” at the International Day of Italian Cuisines in Manhattan on January 17, 2014. The award is assigned to individuals and establishments who have contributed to the preservation and diffusion of authentic Italian cooking, culture and healthy life style in the United States. The ceremony was held at the International Culinary Institute.  Chef Walters Cooking school was established in 1995, and its curriculums are offered to amateurs, children, professionals, diabetics and celiac.

Potenza Ristorante-Bar 162 Mayfield Avenue Cranston Rhode Island USA 401.273.2652 / potenzaristorante@gmail.com

Hours Tuesday-Saturday 4-10 PM

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